About Us​

Who is FAR Capital & Why We Do This?

FAR Capital is the largest property-buying ecosystem in Malaysia with the mission of enabling and simplifying property ownership for everyone.

We have been appointed by the Ministry of Housing and Local Government (KPKT) as a Panel of Experts to help resolve property ownership issues in Malaysia. 

FAR Capital also had a partnership with the Ministry of Youth and Sports in a housing program called Kunci Rumah Pertamaku.

In August 2022, FAR Capital has decided to open up their doors to companies & organizations in Malaysia allowing employees in organizations to gain financial education, individual financial screening, and debt reduction, as well as properties at an additional discounted price.

This new and exclusive staff benefit will give employees an advantage in managing their personal wealth.

This benefit has also transformed thousands of lives in Malaysia by improving their financial situation, reducing personal debt and helping them purchase safe properties.

In these times of changing economic climate, we hope you will take advantage of this perk to better your financial growth and increase your financial knowledge. For some, this will be a chance for you to own your first home!

This Is Our Social Obligation

Improve people’s lives by empowering the middle class and the poor to own assets. This will be our biggest USP and supporter once traded publicly
Future partnership with universities in Malaysia and Indonesia to upskill students and future talents.
Ongoing partnership with the Malaysian Ministry of Housing to help improve property ownership for the nation
Supporting young working adults, single mothers, and the elderly to stay in a safe, secured and affordable accommodation via our coliving company

Meet Faizul Ridzuan

Appointed as one of the Panels of Experts and Strategic Collaborative Partner under HOPE program by Ministry of Housing Malaysia.

Faizul Ridzuan

Founder & CEO
Faizul is a highly respected thought leader in the local property industry, frequently invited to speak on panels by media outlets, corporations, and the government.

In recognition of his expertise, Faizul was selected by the Ministry of Housing and Local Government to serve as one of its Panels of Experts tasked with addressing the current property issues in the country in 2022.

As the author of the best-selling book, “WTF: 23 Properties Before 30”, Faizul is a recognised authority in the field and currently leads multiple real estate businesses.

With his vast experience and knowledge, Faizul is dedicated to empowering individuals to invest in properties and achieve financial freedom. He continues to be a driving force in the industry.
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